Tulipa Ruiz (2018)

When you take your paper cutout stop motion game seriously!


forever rain (2018) MV

Black and white plus sketchy pen shading style in this animated music video, suits the song!


A piece of campaign animation with sleek visuals and complementing narration.

Promare (2019) trailer

I am looking forward to some awesome animated sequences from the creator of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill in this anime feature film releasing this year!

FAUVE (2018)

Extremely powerful storytelling in this Academy nominated short film! There is only 1 significant setup-payoff ending, and the characters are well-established at the start and pushed to the extreme situation in the middle. Cinematography of landscapes is astounding and connects well with the mood. Beautiful piece of music as complement!

SGIF Brand Video (2018)

I find this a really appealing way of conceptual storytelling – seeing Singapore through chairs that may be unique and ‘local’. A very special way of presenting identity and memory. Pure optical and sound cinema!

Naturnes: FirstFamily (2018)

A commercial nothing short of the Gobelins visual quality, produced by the alumni of the school in Studio AKA!