Syfy25: ‘Rick Baker’ (2017)

Black and white, dynamic camera, moving lighting, morphing… all encapsulated in this animation from Argentina-based Rudo Company!


The Long Walk (Part 1) (2018)

Finding Pictures, Singapore-based powerhouse animation company formed by a group of talented independent animators, has just recently released an animated introduction to Lim Cheng Hoe’s exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore. He is a pioneer in Singapore watercolour, and thus the watercolour-inspired visual design we see here.

Genesis Motion Design : Manifesto (2018)

Singapore-based company Genesis Motion Design created a dynamic and wonderful animation! Good job to the folks there!


Animated characters on live-action video – it works!

Journey through Creativity (2016)

A sweet little animation celebrating the 2D software TVPaint!

Day One Storyboard Comparison

An animatic and final film comparison worth watching. Take a good look at the use of perspective grids and tones for foreground/background elements.


Real proud moment for Singaporean animator Jacinth Tan for having her work, Sharkdog, premiering on Nickelodeon!