Ugly (2015) teaser

A very different use of CG for this short animated film.


THEFULLSTORY (2017) trailer

Academy-nominated director Daisy Jacobs is back with a live-action plus stop-motion fusion, pushing the limits of both medium!

Maacher Jhol / The Fish Curry (2017) trailer

A 2D animation from India using food (and a touch of homosexuality perhaps) as the theme.

The Burden (Min Börda) (2017) trailer

A very interesting stop-motion piece with amazing sets!

The Adventure of Liangliang (2017)

A Chinese 2D animated short that seems to draw from a certain social context for its meaning-making.

Negative Space (2017) trailer

Very cinematic and well-animated stop-motion short film. There is the sense of life in this one.

Weekends (2017) trailer

A beautiful trailer for an animated short film telling the story of a boy shuffling between his divorced parents.