Floating Market (2017)

A very short sequence of 3D-cutout style CG which has the potential of a good cultural film about floating markets along Southeast Asian rivers!


Rise and Shine (2017)

Our regular dosage of high quality CG from Blizzard animated shorts.

Hearth and Home (2017)

A Hearthstone animated short that is very Disney… excellent CG quality nonetheless.

Monsieur COK (2008)

A slightly surreal-looking animated short that tackles the issue of robots replacing humans.

M.O.M (2013)

A beautiful 2D animated short film with a sad vibe. The music might be an over-emphasis however.

Parigot (2011)

A French animated short film with beautifully crafted action scenes in CG. Great use of the architecture for some of the choreography!

Water Lily – Birth of the Lotus (2015)

A student short film from Supinfocom Valenciennes, teasing a very 2D look for a CG technique.