Robot Line (2018)

Another amazing moment-in-time Quill VR animation by Goro Fujita!


Croak (2018)

A very short yet sweetly designed animation!

#TarpLife: A True FREITAG Story (2018)

Great job by the folks from Singaporean animation studio CraveFX!

Bang Bang! (2017)

A nicely executed student animated short from Sheridan, featuring badass girls on robbery!

Dandelion in the Wind (2018) trailer

An upcoming animated short from a recent ADM graduate. Beautifully designed!

Little Red Bricks (2017)

Singaporean-animated short film, part of the TimeScapes Anthology from Robot Media Playground is now released online! Featuring a little story around the Old National Library. A decent attempt at Japanese-anime quality backgrounds!

Raccoon and the Light (2018)

An extremely simple premise, but with good sound design, this animated short film from CalArts has made it to many festivals.