Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated | Travel Oregon (2019)

This animation has been making waves around social media, proving that high quality 2D animation is still an extremely effective advertising agent and superior to other medium in its ability to visualize imagination!


Weathering with You (2019) trailer

Get ready for another Makoto Shinkai film!

SCFF2019 Ident

Singapore Chinese Film Festival is back in 2019, and this is the animated ident produced by the students of LASALLE College of the Arts!

Beautiful Moments with Stonehenge (2018)

A VOGUE Korea animated advertisement that looks just like a solid teaser to a feature film!

Hors de l’eau (2018)

An amazing animated short film from Gobelins! It is rare to see animation through a first-person perspective handheld cinematography, combined with the high polish of a Gobelins animation. There is also a strong concept on social hierarchy.

She’d like to teach the world to sing (2019)

The drawings were made by a child that has autism. With animation, this is brought to a different level to connect to the world audience!

Drunk GIF

One of the simple reasons why animation is superior to live-action.