Bao (2018)

Pixar’s short film Bao is now online on a twitter post! Very keen attention to the details of Chinese cuisine preparation!


Late Afternoon (2017)

A simple story told through dynamically flowing flashbacks that ends with an emotional ending – definitely hitting the hearts of those with parents suffering from Dementia.

Weekends (2017)

This is one of the best visual design and composition I have seen in an animated film, and is a worthy 2019 Oscar contender!


A new animated MV for Mayday’s new song!

The Violin production featurette

Robot Media Playground (Singapore) has made us a nice making-of process video of the process of creating “The Violin”.

Lost & Found (2018)

When a simple story is told so amazingly well that it can be nominated for the Academy Awards!

Nighthawk (2017)

My most favourite one while I was at Leipzig in 2017. Enjoy this visually special treat!