A Monster Call – TALE 1 (2017)

Some beautiful non-photorealistic rendering and compositing in this animated sequence from the movie, A Monster Call.


We Strike Hard & Fade Into the Night (2017)

A short from Nickelodeon directed from the makers of ‘9’. Very dynamic 2D shots!

The Hunt (2016)

Fluid depiction of a moment when some cave paintings come alive. A student work by Mai Nguyen and Miyako Makio from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore.


Some beautiful CG showing a humorous take on machines and perhaps, a comment on society.

Hot Dog Hands (2016)

A CalArts animation about how a particular trait could be seen as demeaning to some while revered by others, which is much needed by the society today that faces a lot of bullying and conformity.

(OO) (2017) trailer

From the creator of Afternoon Class comes an animated film trailer about something all of us would have gone through… a runny time of our lives, depicted in the fluid medium of animation, perfect!

A Long Dream (2017) MV

A stop-motion cutout animated music video, with a lot of cutouts moving at the same time, making it look free and wild!