DEATH STRANDING (2017) trailer 2

2nd teaser of the game, Death Stranding, by Kojima Productions, revealing a more dark yet beautiful antagonist.


DEATH STRANDING (2017) trailer

Metal Gear Solid creator Kojima brings us his next game production, and the trailer is already showing content of epic proportions, with a touch of surrealism and darkness. Amazing concept (Y)

Machin Machine (2017)

Beautiful visual design in this very short piece of animation!

Animal Gaits for Animators

Useful breakdown of movement of 4-legged animals.

Hungry Days (2017) CM

A NISSIN commercial in the style of Anime. There are some beautifully fluid pencil animation in the first part.

Mutafukaz (2007)

This short, I believe, is the inspiration of the 2017 feature film of the same name.

Happy Unhappy (2014)

A student work from Sheridan about depression. Sometimes, a simple message to someone reminding them to focus on the happy things in life is enough to make someone’s day.