Award-winning studio that specializes in telling Asian stories through Animation


around and around (2019)

The alumni of Digicon6 Asia competition, led by Manabu Himeda, combined their animation with a line to showcase Asia to the world through the medium!


Architectural Photographic Memories (2019)

Refik Anadol’s impressive media art that uses some math to create dreamlike moving imagery that appears to simulate the animation of our memory.

Nocturne (2016)

An imaginative stop-motion piece where night creatures come out to gamble a part of themselves…

Singapore’s Future Homes? | Land Unlimited (2019)

Here comes the 3D visualization of future homes that could be built in Singapore.

1980YEN – Takoyaki Story (2019)

Sensational morphing forms with a disco beat in this music video!

10 NHỚ – Ngô Hồng Quang (2019)

Vietnam has some of the finest animation and motion graphics studios that is producing visually stimulating works like this music video!

iQOO (2019)

Some more smooth morphing animation by Masanobu Hiraoka for an ad.