明日戰記 Warriors of Future (2019) trailer

So the Chinese are interested in heavy VFX too… not complaining because there aren’t many Chinese films with lots of HK stars in a VFX film yet, but hope that doesn’t become a trend that fills up every other blockbuster and destroys other forms of storytelling!


Way of Giants (2016)

Amazing visual quality and character design in this animated short film that portrays an interesting ritual.


Motion graphics combined with some sleek transitions can very quickly educate the public about a topic.

MISSING LINK (2019) trailer

Amazing and funny feature animated stop-motion film from LAIKA! One to look forward to this year!

Pip (2018)

A standard 3-act story that doesn’t fail to capture the hearts of dog lovers with a positive message.

The Adventures of Indiana Jones (2016)

As what the description says, it takes one dedicated fan to animate something that puts all other animated series to shame!

Scrambled (2018)

A simple yet effective story told in this animated short film.