Unicorn Wars (2017) trailer

Cute characters meets serious issues…


Say No To Piracy (2018)

Many are guilty of watching pirated movies, but let us contribute back to the industry and pay for the content when we are able to! Animated by Robot Media Playground from Singapore!

John Salminen on painting

John Salminen shares some tips on painting – get your paint out and paint every day, prioritize your subjects when painting outdoors, the areas of less importance are also important for the richness of the painting. His technique often takes extremely long compared to fast plein air painters, but very commendable!

Only Slightly Exaggerated (2018)

An animated commercial for Travel Oregon shows how animation can present the beauty of places beyond that of live-action footage!

Have You Seen George? (2018)

A Singaporean animated short to share about accommodating children with special needs. Hope to see more of such works for a good cause!

A Baby’s First And Last Gown (2018)

Animation and motion graphics for a good cause… an awareness campaign by a team of Singaporean animators!

Shikioriori (2018) trailer

New anime feature that involves a co-production with CoMix Wave Films (Makoto Shinkai)!