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Art College 1994 (2023) trailer

Liu Jian is back with a new feature film! Known for his strong storytelling using very limited animation, Art College 1994 is making an appearance at Annecy this year. We can see that there is a lot of work put into the background art compared to his last film, “Have A Nice Day”.


Pipine (2023)

A very fun and imaginative animation project that uses famous paintings as backgrounds of animated characters in the scene.

Deep Sea (2023) Behind the Scenes

This video shows how strong China’s CG team is right now! They even suffered a water leak in the studio and still managed to complete the film in its highest quality. Deep Sea will be showing at Annecy this year, can’t wait to catch it!

Welsh & Shedar pilot (2013)

This pilot 2D animation from 10 years ago still looks promising!

JRA Commercial (2023)

There is a very fine pencil-drawn quality to this anime TVC from Japan.