Award-winning studio that specializes in telling Asian stories through Animation



Highly polished 2D-3D animation that fulfills all the ingredients to a successful series – Mecha, action, minority race and punchy music.

Framed! (2018)

A student work from CalArts featuring a great premise: 2 kids framed for stealing Mona Lisa!

L’Ogre (2016)

Wildly fluid 2D animation that is very well designed and dynamically animated, showing off the capabilities of the medium for a larger-than-life character and story!

Spring Herald – 春天的信使 (2019)

Excellent animation from CalArts that has both the Chinese feel and Spirited Away Haku influence.

Kriill – Your Eyes, Will I Ever (2019)

Very beautifully “french” illustrated animation music video, using the concept of a cocoon in a relationship.

Hot Tea (2018)

[Mature content]
Sexualizing the male instead of the female here, which is quite uncommon. The animation is well-drawn and timed.

Sun Creature Showreel 2019

Showreel #goals! Such impressive work coming from Sun Creature Studio featuring lots of high budget projects!