Ne Zha Zhi Mo Tong Jiang Shi (2019) trailer

High quality CG animated feature film from China, but can’t help seeing the shadows of Disney-Pixar-Dreamworks in Chinese CG films thus far.


(OO) (2017)

When discussing animation as a medium that is able to present a condition of life through the powers of imaginary metaphors, Korean animator Seoro Oh (creator of Afternoon Class) seems to have mastered his craft!

As Written (2019)

The Singaporean twin duo Zhuang Brothers has released a commissioned animated short film for Viddsee!

Making of Akira

The masterpiece from more than 20 years ago is still mesmerizing and superior to many of today’s animated works. Let us revisit the amount of talent and effort that goes into this piece.


This CG animation feels slightly uncanny, yet there seems to be a lot of potential from it’s festivals performance.

Broken (2016)

High quality artwork and finishing in this animated short film made by one Korean animator.

MOON animation test (2013)

Here is an awesome animation test from some years ago.