Award-winning studio that specializes in telling Asian stories through Animation


twenty one pilots “Ride” (2019)

A rotoscope animation based on an original music video. I would always much prefer animation!

Nga Yee Zar Ka Po Mite Tal (2019)

An animated music video produced in Myanmar by Pencell Studio. Southeast Asia is not lacking in animation capabilities! However there is still a very strong Western influence on most of the works, possibly market-driven.


A (long) animated short film from Vietnam, looking quite polished in the art direction! Western influence is strong in the story development, and most likely the choice of American accent in the narration was market-driven. I have however enjoyed some of the Vietnamese design elements.

Pencil Test by Weilin Zhang

Fight sequence pencil test!

The Beatles Rockband Intro (2010)

10 years ago at Annecy, this was the best promotional animation!

My Life in Brief (2015)

Was expecting some underwear, but turns out to be a much truthful animation.

Cartoons Underground 2019

Are you ready for Cartoons Underground 2019 at Kult Yard this Saturday? The festival intro is created by Jessica Goh and Annie Hung!