Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

If you ask me what got me into animation, this is the answer. Back in 2006 I was watching this for the first time at my computing teacher’s house during a visit, and I was blown away. Absolutely blown away.

But to understand the film, you need to have played the game on playstation, as the film does not dedicate any time into character development except for the new antagonists. Only after playing the game and knowing the characters well will you be able to appreciate the climax at different acts of the film, particularly the fight with Bahamut and the final battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. However, I feel that this film demonstrates the ability of using only visuals to bring out a character – the way the character is designed immediately tells you something about them.

Shots are well composed, and every detail is well-handled. Although it may not be the best film in terms of film language, I feel this is a precious inspirational material for me. To view the film again reignites my passion in animation!

(All visual references are properties of Square Enix)


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