Final Fantasy XIII

If you ask me what is the best CG around, this has to be it. This is what, in my opinion, CG should be. Pardon me but I feel cartoons are badly carried by CG and should remain in 2D for the best effect (I’m not naming but you know which are the ones).

The world created here is unbelievably awesome, and at many points in the game I just stood there to admire the beauty of the environment. From futuristic cityscapes to natural landscapes, every view is just amazing. Every character is fully developed, gains my empathy, and performs at utmost excellence. Every creature exist as if they really did, thanks to superb design.

Square Enix’s work here is the current best in the field for all I’ve seen these years. Any sort of CG below this standard, I won’t be able to accept it. And that means I will reject my own work until I achieve this standard 🙂 It may take a lifetime, but that is my “focus”, like the L’cie in the game.

In any case, hope you enjoy the screenshots here. If you haven’t played the game, you must be losing out on something important in life!


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