Gnomon DVD: Body Modeling for Games

Mayan Escalante continues to model the body, starting from getting the image planes to set up properly, fixing the height of the model sheet, then goes on to blocking out the body, arms and legs.

His tip is not to follow too much to the contour of the drawing at the start too closely yet, but focus more on the form first. Slowly add resolution and nudge around. A tip would be to have higher resolution at the shoulder, elbow, knee and hips region as these parts tend to deform a lot. Otherwise, we keep our resolution low.

He used the fill hole and poke face to finish off the ends of the arm and legs. Append polygon tool to connect the jacket to the hips. Shoes and hands are separate pieces, as well as the props which are attached to the body model by a few merged vertices. We always want to merge the vertices of the attachment so it doesn’t go out of place when deformation happens.

Next up would be UV mapping!


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