2012 – My thoughts

First and foremost, it’s 2012!

This is an important year for us. For me, it’s the year of the greatest struggle. I have many thoughts on the inception of 2012. Some are controversial, offensive or inappropriate, so you may choose to not read them at all – A kind disclaimer!

1. On being the end of the world

Is just bullshit. Calendars are calculated based on planetary cycles and such. The end of a cycle does not indicate the abrupt end of the world. What is more significant would be the beginning of a change, a rather huge change awaiting us. If we want to view it scientifically, we could read up a whole lot of stuff involving galaxies.

But those hurt my eyes. I choose to see 2012 as a year where change accelerates, where nature becomes more active to balance the imbalanced. Be prepared to witness more disasters, more malfunctions.

I once asked my mum if nature were to only choose 1 in 3 people to survive, would she want to? She said no. For me, I choose survival. I would embrace natural selection at play, embrace rapid witnessing of death, and step into the next era.

Most importantly, we should reduce our dependency on the notion of time, for time is only a measure. Time is getting screwed up anyway. The lunar calendar is lagging by 13 days according to projections of ancient calculations, where the true dragon year falls 13 days after Chinese New Year. So why bother about marking a particular year as the end of the world? Treasure every moment, and spend it wisely.

2. On natural disasters and epidemics

The biggest one up till now being the tsunami that hit Japan, in my opinion. It may be a sign of over-development, for Japan being a leader in technology may have stepped over the line too fast. Actually, not Japan. The world as a whole is the cause. Hitting Japan is only a metaphorical sign. Floods hitting Thailand, our main source of rice, is another sign.

We may have already forgotten how SARS was a killer. We tend to forget and ignore, but nature is continuing to brew a stronger virus. Cause and effect, at its finest.

The message from nature being clear.

3. On development: Singapore

Why flood occurs? The most direct reason being the lack of drainage. When I say drainage, I do not mean artificial drainage systems.

I once did a project on Angkor Wat, being the height of the Cambodian civilization at the time. The fall of Angkor Wat is very clear: Over-engineering. A whole civilization thriving on the water systems that could span into a huge reservoir called Baray. Artificially controlling water flow on such a large scale turns it into a time bomb.

Take this as a case study for Singapore. The marina barrage being only one of the systems that changes the flow of water. The large-scale construction of tunnels for MRT and expressways being another. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that they are digging into the ground a few blocks away from my HDB apartment for an MRT station, until I see it for myself.

And hence, quoting from someone who said that no amount of engineering can solve the problem of floods, I lol-ed.

When bush fires turns an untouched forest into Tampines Eco green, I begin to think if this is really necessary. We always want to control nature, for it puts us in fear when we face dangers that sprouts in the haphazard.

I am not going to hide the fact that I voted for PAP, to give them 4 more years to prove their worth in governing the country. But apparently there are many fails since. What they embrace is rapid development for Singapore. What they believe is their ability to distribute the income equally among the citizens. What they believe is rapidly populating the land with skilled foreigners.

What they do not see, is Sustainable Development.

The rules of nature applies. A fixed acre of land is optimized at a certain population level. A couple of frogs at a pond is good for the food chain, not a whole lot. A little rain provides water for the plants, but a lasting downpour can wash away the plants forever.

Another issue would be the changing cultural landscape. It is impossible for foreign cultures to integrate into ours, when the country experiences such rapid exchange. My take on this would be that Singaporeans preserve the Singaporean culture forged by our own hands, while accepting the fact that foreign cultures are here to stay.

But in no way should we stop welcoming foreigners. I wouldn’t have got my animation skills without foreign talents. The key idea here is a controlled invitation, rather than slack policies. I am one who believes that the head count in Singapore is 8 million. For one, my neighbour is a foreign IT talent, brings in his family of 4, together with 2 parents, 2 siblings who has additional 1 husband and 1 child, living in a 3-room flat like mine, making it easy to believe that every foreign talent can be multiplied by 10 for a number nearer to the actual population of Singapore.

In a way, the recent SMRT problem can also be seen as an expected effect of rapid development. There are more to come, until the root of the problem can be looked into.

4. On personal development

I am a person who takes religious doctrines as teachings, and thus although I’m a Buddhist myself, I tend to like reading or hearing what other religion offers, especially when Christian, Islamic and Hindu values are omnipresent and equally applicable. Ultimately, they become strong principles for life.

Look at religion as philosophy, if you do not mind. Make appropriate interpretations that progresses self.

For those of you who still has this in your msn or facebook status, “I’m so bored!”, you are probably wasting your lifetime away. For those who procrastinates a lot, you need to find the inspiration and drive to turn your work into a hobby. You may suffer like crazy, but suffer now, enjoy something really good later.

That is how I managed to complete almost the entire DVD rack of Gnomon tutorials at the ADM library, learn zbrush in 2 days, make a quick switch from being a science student to being an art student and still somehow survive, quit junk food for 2 full years, exercise every week, and type this blog entry (I didn’t think I would type it out!).

In exciting news, I would be bringing in more works of mine on this blog 🙂 I hope you can find your inspirational drive soon, and share them like I do.

5. So, what now?

  • Start saving mother nature, every effort counts
  • Do something that you always wanted to do
  • Share
  • Respect your parents and ancestors for being able to live till today
  • Be responsible whenever you do something
  • Start planning ahead

Good luck to you, let us enter 2012! Share this if you like it.


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