MEL scripting

In any program, what happens in the background are all codes. You create a sphere in Maya, it’s equivalent to typing polySphere in the script editor.

I’m personally trained in programming before, but like most of you, hate to see it! That’s why I will probably only use it if it helps in my production. Here are some useful ones which i think we should take note so we can go under maya help to explore what they can do!

Listing selected stuff in Maya: ls -sl
This allows us to assign and manipulate the selected objects with subsequent codes.

Querying the bouding box: xform -query -boundingbox pSphere1;
Querying the translate in world: xform -query -worldspace -translation
These are important for advanced rigging, when we need certain attributes.

Finding out the distance between 2 points:
Use xform to get the xyz in worldspace, subtract, then use mag function on vector.

lofting nurbs:
Create some circles, move and rotate -r them, use the select -all and loft command to easily create nice forms.

I also found a MEL/python script which might be quite useful:
Shape Baker

Still looking for a good maya batch render script and maybe some good hair scripts to use 🙂

Not tested, but try it!


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