Nurbs Curves tips

Just sharing some tips which you may not know of 🙂

1) While shift key toggles selection of CVs, ctrl-shift only adds to selection, and ctrl key takes away from selection.

2) To break a curve, use curve points (or edit points) and click it on the part where you want to break, then just edit nurbs > detach curves.

3) Use history to edit your nurbs! If not, use rebuild. This is handy sometimes than to tweak the points/isoparms.

4) Planar creates a plane for closed curves.

5) Loft joins curves with planes.

6) Extrude makes a curve follow a path, creating a surface along it. If it doesn’t work properly, try different checkboxes in the attributes.

7) Extend surface is like extrude edge. Just make sure it is the correct U or V direction.

8) Insert knot add more point to control curve more subtly.

9) Deformers work with NURBS! Bend and all that.

10) Circular fillet welds two surfaces organically.

11) Use arrow keys to select adjacent points/hulls.

12) Birails can be great for things like car modeling. Square is an alternative with lesser points but able to match tangents.

13) Freeform fillet produces a loft that is based on the tangents of the surface beside it, which is smoother.

14) Use the trim tool to take away unseen surfaces.

15) Align curves with a surface using project tangent. Alter the direction properly.

16) Offset surface makes easy volume.

17) Turn shrink on for trimmed surfaces if you don’t need the untrimmed part anymore.

18) Project curve on surface + trim is a super handy way to make holes.

19) Bevel create an extrusion and a beveled edge. Makes super fast rings of forms.


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