Maya to After Effects – Some tips

Matt Hartle gives some tips for the post-production process if we were to choose after effects as our compositing package.

1) Make sure we name everything properly in our render. A good way is to set the render to use %s_%l.ext (scene name, render layer).

2) Matt prefers sgi or tif formats for 16 bit output.

3) In after effects, make sure we set “premultiplied with color (black)” so that we get clean mattes when importing the image sequences.

4) Precompose your layers to keep it clean and also to apply effects to the group of layers as a whole.

5) If we want to add 2d stuff like matte painting, we might need trackers. We can do this by creating locators in our scene in Maya, export them into a maya ascii file, and making sure they are named “null01” and so on. Set the scene to use millimeters in preferences. Then import into AE.

6) Remember to turn on 3D layer for 2d objects that we want to follow our tracks.

7) Adjustment layers affect everything below it.

8) A color solid with mode set to color is a cheat for color grading. Don’t do this if you are matching a live-action plate!

9) Order of layer fx matters. We might want to check that.

10) Apply an overall glow, colorAdjust, colorBalance and grain to finish off the composition.


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