School of Art, Design & Media


Just so I would introduce a little about my school! Remember to visit the official website at NTU as well as the one run by the Student’s Club!

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Beautiful building, excellent facilities. For those aspiring to become designers, filmmakers, animators, photographers, fine artists, this is not a bad place to start. Although I would say that few years ago, the programs offered here sux, and that the faculty is too fresh, but right now everything is taking shape.

I’m in Digital Animation. I would say the faculty right now is quite good, with people like Hans Bacher, Ishu Patel, Heitor Capuzzo etc. and some part-time faculty from ILM and Ubisoft. You can’t go wrong if you are hardworking and motivated enough to “squeeze them dry”. Besides, the ADM library has a great collection of materials for learning. The 4 year course is definitely enough to take you from zero to pro, as long as you stay focused and disciplined.

For the other majors, I’m pretty sure they are doing great as well, with students winning international awards and stuff.

The only thing about studying in NTU is that you have to study a whole lot of other stuff, which includes science and business modules in order to achieve the degree requirements. It’s totally different from private courses where you just focus on one subject. That makes it very challenging, yet your school fees would be well-spent. Basically, you learn a bit of everything until you are ready to specialize for FYP.

It’s not a bad idea for cross-major courses, like me taking sound design from film. I’m interested in filmmaking, but using animation, which is the reason why I chose animation as my major.

Also I got to say, it’s not a very very tough course. It’s a passion-driven thing. Although you got to draw a lot in year 2 and do the 3d stuff in year 3, where you may not like one of them, it’s still an enjoyable learning process. One word of advice for students applying: Only apply if you are really passionate about it, not because you don’t have the grades required for other university courses.

It’s getting better as ADM matures! The best outcome would be to make good relations through the school and faculty, making it easy to enter the industry and secure a job!


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