Some updates!

Have been posting lots of stuff about animation, CG, VFX and film, maybe it’s time I talk about about what I’m going to do next!

The semester is coming to an end. This means it’s almost time you will see a consolidated showreel of my work. There will be more character animation and digital painting this time round, as those are the classes I’m taking.

I will also be pitching my FYP to a board of professors, together with my fellow animators at ADM next week! Which means, it’s a mad rush to complete the final few character designs, concept paintings and to combine them into a presentation. I have to find a way to convince them about my project, because it’s one hell of an ambitious one. Be sure to look out for my FYP blog when it’s released in May if you are curious about my project progress and updates! Production starts immediately in May as well!

Besides sharing the things I learn (under “Learning“) on my blog, I will resume my series of film analysis under “Visual Vocab“, this time with live action films throughout history!

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