My FYP plan revamped!

After the pitching session last friday, I received a lot of comments about my FYP idea, which is honestly speaking, way too ambitious at this stage! I am really happy to have input from friends who gave their honest thoughts.

Firstly, my project, “Affinity” was dealing with some radical things, one of which is a dual-genre. Sci-Fi and Romance is not a stranger in the film industry, but one does not simply pull it off in a short film. The duality of genre and thus, mood and subject matter makes it hard for an audience to empathize with the film. I was once told, by Benjamin Slater (scriptwriting mentor) that the characters in my script are very much like short comic book characters, which means they have to be rather unreal and designed to pull it off.

I was also told that the film would not really work visually, with an abstract sequence at the start and a heavy CG sequence that follows. However I’m certain it would work, but at a huge cost, which is the detriment of my intention of the film. I want the audience to feel emotions post-film, but that can only be done without all the heavy stuff!

Therefore, it’s time for a revamp! I stepped back and decided what I really wanted in my film. It’s simply an emotional response from the audience, even if it’s at the slightest. One thing (actually, the only thing!) that aligns well with this is the song I have.

Here’s the plan:


Chapter 1: A Prelude
A 1min 20s abstract sequence that is very open to interpretation. (Produced)

Chapter 2: Our Song
A 3min 20s music video. (FYP)

Chapter 3: Our World
A ~90min feature film that not only has the love story set in a near future, but other subplots as well.

I’m keeping the details secret, of course! This was never planned for FYP, I’m crazy as always!

How interested would you be in a DVD/Blu-ray of such a work? Let me know in the comments below!


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