Maya hardware render

Often we might need to render particle streaks or multipoints, but the hardware render buffer is just not intuitive enough for users! Here is a general workflow to follow:

1) Once we are done setting up the particles in the way we want, go to rendering editors – hardware render buffer.

2) We should create a render layer just for the particles, since we would render our scene using software or other renderers.

3) Select the camera you want to render.

4) If you need a test render, it is under the render tab.

5) Under render, there are attributes to look out for. Give it a name, define the start and end frames, file format etc. Render modes can tweak the quality a little further (line smoothing etc.)

6) In multi-pass attributes, we can set motion blur for the render. The general rule is to set it to 1 above the number of render passes.

7) When done, click render – render sequence.

Now we are ready to add post effects in our compositing package!


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