Transfer texture between Zbrush and Maya

To transfer polypaint information from zBrush to Maya:

1) Create UVs in zbrush for the tool/subtool first. You may use UV master or just the default projections depending on the model. Preferably done in lowest subdivision level.

2) Move up to the highest subd level and under texture, choose “New from Polypaint“. Test to see if texture appears in lowest subd.

3) Choose clone txtr. Now we can export it (flip if needed).

4) Import the image file as texture in maya.

To transfer texture from maya procedural to zbrush polypaint:

1) Select object and shader network in maya, choose edit – convert file to texture in hypershade.

2) In zbrush texture drop down, import the texture.

3) In the texture tool palette load the imported texture.

4) Under polypaint texture palette, select polypaint from texture with colorize on. Now we can paint!


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