Digital Tutors: Creating Long hair using Fibermesh in Zbrush

Great tutorial on fibermesh in Zbrush 4R3, which is another way we could do hair in CG. Lets take a look:

1) If we need a shader that matches more closely with skin in zbrush, we could use sketchshaded3 with cavity translation set to 0 and intensity to 0.4 under material dropdown. We can also set wax to 20 and turn on wax preview in render, if it doesn’t slow our system down.

2) To change the background to solid gray for better previewing, just go to the document dropdown menu. Now we are ready to sculpt hair.

3) Divide the scalp to polygroups by masking (hide, group visible,repeat).

4) Mask the top scalp, shrink the mask and sharpen it a few times so it doesn’t bleed into the unwanted regions, then preview the fibermesh.

5) Choose fiber142 for something that is good for female hair as a start (in lightbox). Set everything on the extreme right to 0, and gravity to -1.

6) For female long hair, length at 1000 should work fine. Maxfibers 7, coverage 37 are used here, but we should set this to what we need and do a bpr.

7) Use more segments (18) for smoother curvature. We also need a texture. Make changes to radius or so before accepting the hair.

8) Now turn texture off and start using the groomhairball brush to roll up all the different parts of hair for the different polygroups. This makes it easier to see.

9) Think of how the hair flows. Start from the bottom. We can set automasking to 100 to only affect each polygroup at each stroke. The same brush and groomhairlong is still good to sculpt the general shape of the hair. We could also use move brush too!

10) To cut hair, we can use the clip curve tool and just clip the parts away. Smooth the tips thereafter. Use BPR to check the results. Smoothing the tips is another way to cut hair.

11) Groommagnet clumps hair, which can be done on the tips after styling the hair for better arrangement.

12) To fix empty areas of scalp, turn off automask by fibermesh and move the entire group of hair to cover them up.

13) Take advantage of fibermesh for eyebrows and eyelashes too! Same process of masking, tweaking settings, styling. Groombrush and groomtip are good for these.

These are exportable to maya both as mesh and as curves.


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