Some more ZBrush tips

I looked through some of the old gnomon masterclasses on zbrush and here are some notes I took down:

  • Snakehook brush with cracks alpha (25) produce very rapid cracks and terrain shaping. It has a swirl effect
  • Claytube brush is great for plateau rocks or flat surface terrain
  • Dam_standard brush with a soft edge alpha produce very nice cuts into the surface
  • Blob brush using spray rapidly creates organic texture, while flatten creates order
  • Projection master is good for spraying tools on a surface for more detail to sculpt
  • Cavity masks are good when we need to apply polypaint only to exposed surfaces, avoiding the problem of getting those crevasses too light
  • Blur and Sharpen brush are sometimes good for polypainting to change edges
  • Masking by intensity allows us to use an image (bump map) to quickly sculpt details
  • Wrap setting on brush allows us to do tiling effects
  • Make tileable alphas in zbrush using a square canvas! Press tilde to move on the canvas. Alpha – Grabdoc to get the alpha out
  • Use stencils! Hold spacebar to move or scale the stencil
  • Subtools allow us to work with a huge number of polygons totoal as compared to polygroups, but polygroups retain the ability to sculpt across the mesh in one stroke
  • Use transpose with masked areas to quickly pose a model

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