3D in Nuke

The major components we need in a nuke 3d system will be the following nodes:

  • ScanlineRender to be able to write the image out. It needs the camera node, object/scene node and background (can be a constant)
  • Scene node to put 3d objects together
  • Camera node to act as the camera. Click the camera button to pan/dolly from view
  • The objects themselves. Can be a sphere node with an image as texture. Can be a readGeo node that reads in external models.

When you need to center a pivot on a model, use ctrl and alt to move the axis. If we need to add a material, use the shaders. Light nodes are available too. An axis node controls the transformation of the nodes applied to it, just like a group.

Lastly, in the scanlinerender node, we can also add motion blur in the multisample tab by increasing samples.


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