Maya Viewport 2.0

Maya viewport 2.0 displays realtime high quality graphics in our scene, but there are limitations and settings to watch out for.

It cannot display paint effects, particles, IBL and certain manipulators. It also needs a powerful graphics card. At this stage, it is pretty much only an eye-candy preview suitable for playblast only. But there are still some benefits of using it.

It is also slow to process if your system is not powerful enough. You should try to use low polygon geometry (without smooth previews) whenever possible. You can also try the vertex animation cache in options and play it once through.

One benefit is the realtime update of lights and shadows in our scene. We can place lights in our scene and get immediate feedback on settings like the penumbra angle, dropoff, shadow maps etc., so we don’t have to click render everytime we want to preview our lighting. In viewport 2.0 settings, we can turn on screen space ambient occlusion.

You can batch render using hardware 2.0 in maya if you want to make a realtime-rendered movie, making sure that things like lights, cameras and nurbs curves are turned off in object filters. The rendering should be really fast!


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