‘Flats’ – An Animated Short

Singaporean “Singaporean” Animation. We need more. Someone got to do it, I hope I’ll make it happen!

Robots & Playgrounds

A short film that we worked on a while ago as a ‘pilot’ of sorts for an ambitious animated anthology of 30 short films about Singapore. It won the top prize at the Very Short International Film Festival in 2011. Special shout-out to Syarah Mahmood who storyboarded the film and also did an amazing job on the backgrounds.

The anthology of 30 films is still sitting on the shelf (actually it’s in a lonely little blue folder on my desktop). I wrote 30 treatments for it along with an extensive proposal, and for a while the project got very close to being produced with Nexus and MDA onboard. I even made a boardroom presentation to a Brigadier General at MINDEF, thinking that was the final hurdle after months of discussions.

It didn’t happen in the end, as with so many projects that often fall by the wayside in our creative endeavours. But I’m still hopeful that…

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