Advanced Cloth workflows with William Lim

More tips:

1) For fast moving objects, we can key the time scale higher when collision happens so that the cloth doesn’t go crazy.

2) We can use the “attract to matching mesh” under nconstraint to speed up the time needed for a cloth to settle properly before animation. To do that, let a cloth settle in a nice position, duplicate the mesh and use it as the matching mesh to attract the cloth mesh. We can use the matching mesh to maintain its shape with some glue strength painting. Another application is to make a cloth take a certain shape and specific time by keyframing vertices.

3) Cloth Rig: Grp the cloth nodes into a group where we can add attributes like enabling dynamics on all nodes and changing the start frame.
Included are nodes (nucleus/ncloth), input meshes, sim meshes, colliders, constraints, render meshes, driver/wrap meshes (matching meshes), blend meshes, corrective blendshapes.
We also need a zero locator parent constrained to the body controller so that it follows the character, which will constrain the input meshes so that the cloth can travel with the character at the start of simulation.

4) It’s a good idea to keep the pivot point at world 0 for sim meshes.

5) Colliders can be cut up so that less surface area is calculated.

6) To solve jitters and penetrations, we can also use blend meshes which is a duplicated mesh of the cloth at certain point which is wrapped to the body and used as a blendshape to the sim mesh. This is applied after caching the sim mesh.

7) Use corrective blendshapes (e.g under armpits) to create more collision space so that cloth does not penetrate crazy.

8) If we cut our mesh up for sim, we can have a wrap mesh to serve as a bridge between the sim and render meshes. Other deformers can be applied to this intermediate wrap mesh.

9) When we animate, we would use the normal rig. When we simulate, we would replace the reference in the animation file with the cloth rig.


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