Digital Tutors – Using Cloth Simulation with a Mechanical Rig in Maya

Some tips I got from this tutorial:

1) Use component to component constraint if we want to retain the volume of a cloth object. Select all the vertices and constrain them together, setting max distance to the number required for making the cross-links.

2) Use rest length scale to change the start distance between two vertices at rest. Increasing it allows us to have a stretched cloth at start.

3) To make a piece of geometry follow the shape of the cloth sim mesh, for example the rope, we can make a curve out of the polygon edge ring, use that as the motion path, break connections in U, set it’s front axis and pivots, then use flow path object with more U divisions to make the geometry deform according to the curve using a lattice.

4) To make a piece of geometry follow a curve without using wrap (due to collapsing problems), we can use the wire tool. Click the geometry, click enter, then click the curve and click enter.



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