Digital Tutors – Creating a Pegasus Using XGen in Maya


1) Xgen is used for anything that repeats over a surface, e.g fur, hair, plants, feathers, scale, rocks. It uses instanced geometry to get the job done, making it efficient.

2) To get started, create an Xgen description through the user-friendly menu which tells you which one you should select for each application.

3) If you have a geometry that you want to repeat using Xgen, export it as an archive first before importing for Xgen. This workflow is similar to the particle instancer.

4) Use the expression editor for each attribute to add randomization or to use certain other attributes available (accessible by the $ prefix). More of these in samples and help tab.

5) To duplicate descriptions from one side to another, we need to firstly create a new collection, then duplicate the respective description over to the collection and then assign it to the faces.

6) To assign a shader to the description, we need to select the geoshader node of each description in outliner.

7) Use modifiers to shape hair, like making clumps.

8) If we rebuild the guide curve, we will also need to increase the modifier CV count to maintain smoothness of the hair.

9) For rendering, we need to export patches for batch render in the Xgen menu and set render mode to batch render before rendering.


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