Maya Tips and Tricks by Daryl Obert

Even after several years of using maya, there is still so much more to learn from others!

Things I learned:

  1. Search and replace names: Use the “.” to remove names completely!
  2. Parent options: Turn off preserve transformation to snap objects to their parents.
  3. Shelve buttons: We can also apply a double-click command, e.g reverse the effect of that button.
  4. We can enable “Lock Length” for a curve, useful for many dynamic applications.
  5. Particles can influence the density of a fluid node. Select the particle node, then the fluid node, and add/edit content, emit from object.
  6. Particles – Emit from Object: You can use particles to emit nparticles. You can further use fluids to interact with nparticles by hooking them up in the dynamic relationship editor.
  7. You can use Xgen poly reduction to make sure objects far away in the scene have their polygon count reduced.
  8. Use the “snap to projected center” to quickly place joints in the center of mesh objects!
  9. When you add influence for newly created joints, make sure lock weights is enabled so as not to mess up your painted weights.
  10. Middle mouse button in the paint skin weights tool act as a testing tool to quickly switch to rotate a joint to test your weights. Left-click again to continue painting.
  11. Dual Quanterion skinning method allows for volume to be preserved when rotating joints.
  12. Skin – Substitute Geometry allows you to make changes to a character (duplicated) and skin that edited character back to the skeleton with the same weights.

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