2016: A retrospective

In 2015, I wrote this in my retrospective post:

2016 will definitely be even greater as the seeds I sow start to bear fruits. I will reveal them one by one, just like how a film reveals the plot bit by bit to build excitement

I’ve been lucky I must say. The fruits are real: I went to different countries, attended international festivals, won awards, published a book, started my MA (and even performed), enriched the community (Silver Arts), went on TV (thanks to David!), exhibited a painting, and presented in conference back at NTU.
Of course the hard work has to be put in way before they happen, then leave it to luck 🙂
For 2017, my main focus is to complete my MA as best as possible. I will also grab every opportunity at making my next film(s).
Wish everyone a Happy New Year!


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