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TOKRI (The Basket) (2017) excerpt

This is the Digicon6 Asia Special Jury Gold award winner from India! Amazing details that capture contemporary India, mixed with masterful storytelling.


Departure (2017)

Full movie:

Just came back from Digicon6 ASIA! Sharing the Hong Kong Gold award winner’s work, which is an amazing artwork in itself that meshes philosophy, chinese history and sci-fi, sending a message into the future!

Orogenesis (2017) teaser

A very interesting installation that uses CG and satellite imagery to present the formation of mountains!

In A Nutshell (2017) teaser

Animation that makes you feel hungry…

Sog (2017) trailer

A student short film that combines stop motion and 2D techniques. Seems like a strong critique on co-existence.

My Father’s Room (2016) trailer

A Korean short animated film centered on a child who lives with an abusive father, with a depressing vibe.

Garden Party (2017) trailer

A CG student work from Ecole MOPA, featuring frogs enjoying their lives in a garden.