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For you, what kind of place is France? (2022)

A tourism campaign for France animated by Japanese. Everything looks super pretty!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

Studio Colorido’s next anime feature! Definitely looking forward to catch this one.

La Diplomatie de l’eclipse (2022)

This graduation short film is definitely something worth noticing from MOPA! Photorealistic CG combined with high visual quality and good animation!

Everything Goes On (2022)

Super high quality anime music video from League of Legends!

Play Doh Bunnies (2007)

Happy year of the rabbit! This is a super impressive stop-motion ad for Sony TV, no CGI involved!

Suzume no Tojimari (2022) trailer 2

When would the international release of Makoto Shinkai’s next work be? Can’t wait!

Come into my arms (2022)

This music video has some amazing character animation and smooth vibes!

Aesop_Candles (2021)

An ad for candles in the old school black and white computer graphics!

Be Hopeful (2022)

Old school animated ad for a beverage by a Korean animator!


When you grow up watching your favourite anime and decides to become a really good animator… this is what Naseer Pasha did – an epic fan-made film!

TRIGUN STAMPEDE (2023) trailer

Toho animation releases a high quality anime series with 3D anime characters and dynamic fight scenes!

Betty (2021)

Interesting experimental animation with a simplified style. The camera zoom and pan from the animator’s perspective is quite unique.

Mononoke (2023) trailer

An anime series that looks raw, authentic and exciting, a blend between the traditional and the modern, very Japanese!

Scavengers Reign (2022) trailer

A Sci-Fi 2D animated series on HBO about surviving on a strange planet!

Samurai Mac (2022)

Fist of the North Star illustrator Tetsuo Hara drew this amazingly detailed anime ad for Macdonald’s burger!

Block 170: The First Transaction (2021)

Mythic beauty being displayed in this CG fantasy short film celebrating a particular blockchain transaction in history. The choice of an Egyptian landscape in sand seems very appropriate.

2022: A retrospective

Didn’t realise I missed out on a retrospective post for 2022! COVID certainly messed up certain routines, while prompting a much needed reflection on current lifestyle and habits. One thing hasn’t changed – I am still keeping up to one post every 2 days, and keeping this blog alive for its educational value. I’ll continue posting for as long as I am able to!

In 2021, I wrote this in my retrospective post:

For 2021, I hope to complete another short film and release it on an even more prestigious platform to open up bigger opportunities. I think it is also time I pay attention to the other things in life apart from work, even though it might be hard when my work is equivalent to my passion!

I have certainly completed 2 films, “Traffic Light” in 2021 and “Tangle Lah!” in 2022. Both were made within a tight timeline, squeezing all of the available resources, talents and skills from me and my team. I am not fully satisfied with both films, but still proud that they were made and published. No regrets and so many people around me to thank for these achievements.

I have one more short film on the shelf which I hope to complete before hitting 35 years old. Thereafter, I reckon it is time for something new – something longer in length, something that can occupy the attention span of an audience for at least an hour. This would take many years in the making, but never too late to start writing and planning. After all, dreams only come true when you work for it.

Work aside, I think I have done well spending time for myself. I have entered a new and special stage of life this year. I kept up with my hiking hobby and did my first multi-day hike at Rinjani. I finally spent my own money on travel after 7 years of sponsored trips. I should do more of these while it is still possible!

For 2023, I hope to complete my remaining short film, do more overseas adventure, find back my sketching hobby, pick up a new technology or skill, and focus more on my loved ones. Sounds like a lot, But I had a good break so it is time to pick up the pace again.

To a better year ahead!


Strange World (2022) trailer

Disney brings us a new world of animation, something that is not a sequel or prequel, but not entirely unfamiliar in formula.

Tatami Time Machine Blues (2022) teaser

This anime has the vibe of Night is Short – very simplified character yet very effective animation that is occasionally over the top!

shinrashinge’s flipbook

This artist on twitter does amazing flipbook that can interactively be animated! There are also other paper craft like cups that work really interestingly too.


An extremely well-scored CG short film made with the Unreal engine. The only limitation here is the character animation and performance, which may have been the engine feature limitation itself.


A very blink Japanese game trailer with lots of chromatic aberration visual style!

Circle Line (2023) trailer

A Singaporean monster movie coming in 2023!

Legends Live Forever (2022)

A very short film with a poetic Chinese touch and dynamic morphing scenes!