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I’m Burning (2022)

A Russian-Ukraine co-produced animation that is wild and funny! Exciting work is possible with collaborations like this.

Ambient Swim (2022)

12 animators’ work in this trailer produced by Adult Swim, all looking great!

elsewhere (2021)

A mood piece depicting the journey of a lady. The animated textures lets you dive into the mood and feel.

Tangle Lah! (2022)

I am proud to present my next animated short film, featuring a little funny story set in Singapore!

Alternate video link:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

A movie that no one can afford to spoil, because it is all of our childhood right here! Very highly anticipated Super Mario Bros CG feature!

Esluna: The Crown of Babylon (2021) trailer

Created solo by Denver Jackson, here is a dynamic action 2D animated feature film! Insane to think that this can be produced by one person!

Little Hilly (2020)

An amazing stop-motion animation from Taiwan featuring a character ostracized by her peers and affected by a broken family. The character design is awesome and imaginative!

Boukentai – Mori no Yuusha (2020)

A Japanese music video with such an appealing visual style and animation!

White Walls – Eye for an I (2020)

A French animated music video with some dynamic scenes.

The Tale of Cuoi (2020)

A high quality Vietnamese CG production!

The Box Assassin (2020)

A very polished 3D animation from Ringling College of Art & Design!

NIMA Anime Opening (2020)

A fantastic anime opening by the popular digital artist Ross Tran!

Fox Tales Music Video (2020)

A music video made by Singapore animation studio Chips and Toon!

POLO & PAN — Feel Good (2020)

Check out this beautiful animated music video with very painterly digital strokes of magic!

Henchmen (2021)

How often do you watch Singapore action comedy? Check out this one mentored under the NYFA Film Facilitation Programme!

Claycat’s Doom

Stop motion adaptation of the popular first-person shooter, Doom! I feel for the clay!

Social Distancing: A Flipbook (2020)

Flipbook animations always got its charm! Here is a covid-produced PSA!

The Visit (2021)

A stop-motion animation from Singapore that reveals the repressed feelings of a character whose father is serving a prison sentence.

2020: A retrospective

In 2019, I wrote this in my retrospective post:

For 2020, I hope to have a good release to my new film, receive funding for subsequent films and complete the biggest hike event – Tour du Mont Blanc in 7 days (no regrets)!

It looks like I have achieved all of them except traveling, which is totally understandable as the world goes through a pandemic. Not much of an unfulfilled resolution really!

2020 has seen some of the biggest disasters, from wildfires to the pandemic. These have changed the world quite a bit. I wish we could love nature a bit more.

To be honest, one of my dreams in the past is to be able to work from the comforts of home, and it actually happened, albeit in the most undesirable way. It also seemed that my norm is now the new norm for everyone – social distancing. Not so good for everyone, but no change for me really!

Some of the things I had caught up were to watch a lot of movies during the lockdown, winning a Razer colouring contest, helping to create some environmental conservation content, exhibiting works online, presenting at a conference online, and a delayed but successful launch of my new short film. I also managed to win 2 awards – NYFA and Digicon6. This opened up a new opportunity for a short film (with an insane deadline)!

For 2021, I hope to complete another short film and release it on an even more prestigious platform to open up bigger opportunities. I think it is also time I pay attention to the other things in life apart from work, even though it might be hard when my work is equivalent to my passion!

To a better year ahead!


Changing Course (2019)

Today we take a break from animation to watch a meaningful 360 video of the Arctic, India and Singapore and how climate change is affecting our way of life.

Making of “The Beauty” (2019)

This student work from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg is extremely impressive technically, and brilliantly portrays the plastic problem faced by our oceans. Hope to see the full film online soon!

The Turning Point (2020)

A brilliant role-reversal animated film to illustrate the consequences of unsustainable living!

MAN (2012)

An old but gold animation from Steve Cutts criticizing the ills of mankind.

2019: A retrospective

In 2018, I wrote this in my retrospective post:

For 2019, I’m hoping to release my film(s), work towards bigger projects and more travels and mountains!

Certainly some unexpected gains this year! Made 2 films (one in 3 weeks, one unreleased), won a competition to the Arctic (and kickstarted my efforts in sustainability), 2 mountain hikes overseas, attended Annecy and another IPPT gold! The highlight of the year for me is definitely the expedition in Svalbard, which is once-in-a-lifetime not only for the experience, but the new network of friends.

The only unfulfilled thing is probably the release of my new film, which hasn’t been picked up by any festivals yet. That just means I have to work harder.

I am again thankful to the people around me for the good year, especially my work colleagues and family.

For 2020, I hope to have a good release to my new film, receive funding for subsequent films and complete the biggest hike event – Tour du Mont Blanc in 7 days (no regrets)!

To a better year ahead!