Welcome To My Life (2017)

A cartoon network mini by Elizabeth Ito. Very nice 2D style on live-action background and the theme of social inclusion is so popular nowadays. This one is handled very well in my opinion.

Little Witch Academia ED2

Animated by Masanobu Hiraoka. Fluid as always!

My Moon (2017) trailer

A beautiful 2D animation in the flat vector style.

Animation Process:


An Evening with Raul Garcia : Making Animation my Business

An event to share! RSVP:

BOZZETTO NON TROPPO (2016) trailer

A documentary about animation legend Bruno Bozzetto! His inspiring work has influenced many animators of our time.

Revengeance (2015) trailer

Another of Bill Plympton’s iconic style, absolutely on my to-watch list!

Ruben Leaves (2015) teaser

A 2D visual style using only a few colours.