Kabaneri: The Iron Fortress: Hajimaru Michiato opening

The beauty of today’s anime lies in how dynamic and crazy the lines, forms and shape can animate on the screen.


2018: A retrospective

In 2017, I wrote this in my retrospective post:

For 2018, I am back full-throttle on creation.

And yes indeed the year has been mostly production of my new animated short film(s), hoping to get in time for release at the festivals next year! I’m really glad to have received support from IMDA SFC and LASALLE for making these possible. I can’t wait to show it, but just like any other animation production, it usually takes quite long to see the fruits of labour. Patience!

I have also hit a 5-year service award for both LASALLE and reservist. I would say I still enjoy working at LASALLE very much, and reservist is no longer a huge pain now that stronger friendships are formed in the unit I’ve been posted to. I think I have reached a stable position in life, but I must continue to go out of my comfort zone in times like this to improve constantly. That is why I relentlessly keep trying to create work to push my boundaries, in the hopes that it will lead to something bigger.

I am also happy to be able to keep up my hike-training to prepare for the next mountain 🙂

For 2019, I’m hoping to release my film(s), work towards bigger projects and more travels and mountains!

To a better year ahead!

Room on a Broom (2014)

Just the good old classic storytelling in this animated CG adaptation!

Lucy & the Limbs (2014)

Beautifully animated and colored piece of student animation, although the sound design and plot could be less flat.

A Giant Story (2018)

The company Intuit’s beautiful CG promotional animation that imagines how robots should play their part in future.

National (2018)

An appealing 2D animated music video from Giant Ant Studio.

검은해적단 happy 4 u (2017)

A whacky anime music video featuring a robot that is a little… naughty.