Visual Vocab

Gobelins 2019 – Tokyo Apocalypse

A whacky Tuesday opener for the Annecy screenings!


Gobelins 2019 – Ramen

Aesthetically pleasing opener for Monday’s screening at Annecy Festival 2019!

Annecy 2019 Partner’s trailer

Played at the start of every film, the audience will go “Lapin” when they see the rabbit appear on screen.

Marona’s Fantastic Tale (2019) trailer

An animated feature film with an interesting visual style!

Ride Your Wave (2019) trailer

Masaaki Yuasa is back this year with a new anime feature film!

The Swallows Of Kabul (2019) trailer

Looks like another strong animated feature film set in the Middle East!

The Bears’ Famous Invasion (2019) trailer

High accolades for this animated feature film, but the bears looks too cute and serious at the same time! Looks must be deceiving!