Visual Vocab

Rain (2017)

Beautiful scenery of modern Singapore with some scenes set in the Shophouses precinct. Excellent Singaporean animated work!


Playgrounds (2017)

A tribute to the old playgrounds of Singapore in this animated film, nostalgic!

Quill Comic by Goro Fujita

Expanded uses of VR, at the forefront of technology!

Studio Ghibli in Real Life (2016)

Someone has just got to do this… appealing…

Happiness (2017)

Such an amazing animated short film criticizing the current state of society, with mentions of Black Friday, driving a supercar in a jam, alcohol/drug therapy and the endless chase of happiness leading to the status quo. Apart from the beautifully designed animation in the style of old comics, there is also a short sequence paying tribute to the old Disney kind of polished cartoons. Superb storytelling!

Modest Heroes (2018) trailer

Studio Ponoc is releasing 3 short films. Let’s hope they don’t screw up the storytelling (like Mary and The Witch’s Flower), given such strong technical abilities of the artists!

Pig Box (2013)

Beautifully painted backgrounds and colour design in this short 2D animated film with some CG elements!