Visual Vocab

Diablo 3 Wrath (2012)

When Blizzard made 2D animated shorts in the past… they are lasting regardless of technological advancement.


Valerian (2017) trailer #3

Although the movie did not work out well in the box office, the concept art and visual effects are quite impressive.

Tempest (2017) teaser

Technically impressive teaser from Brazen Animation, revealing both 2D and 3D technical capabilities of the studio.

Simon’s Cat – Box Clever (2017)

Very effective performance in this Simon’s Cat animated short.


A 2D animation set in the world of Grand Theft Auto, depicting a hard culture using very limited keyframes.

IVAN’S NEED (2016)

The medium of animation seems most suitable for this tantalizing short, coming from a student’s graduation piece!

More (2017)

Pure gold right here, with a simple 40s animation of a farting cow and happy kids! Film critics would then go all sociopolitical with it.