Visual Vocab

One Small Step (2018) trailer

Amazing visual quality in this 2D-looking CG animated trailer, definitely keeping an eye on this one at the festival circuit!


Fendi Spring Tropical Charms (2018)

Tropical vibe in this stop-motion TVC for bags!

Bath House (2017)

Absolutely stunning work on the sets in this stop-motion animation! The swimming scenes are exceptional, and the textures on the walls already present their own story!

Flavors of Youth (2018) trailer

Comix Wave on Netflix!

Alex’s Sci-Fi World (2018)

A VR-created animation of a particular sci-fi space-time… expecting to see more of such works besides the popular ones by Goro Fujita!

Thriller Dance (2018)

Animation created in VR is getting more and more popular as a technique. Will it be the future of animation production?

Unicorn Wars (2017) trailer

Cute characters meets serious issues…