Visual Vocab

BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 (2017) trailer

High quality trailer with just the right amount of attention to details, and cross-cultural, cross-genre influences, by none other than Ubisoft!


TRUCKIN’ (2017)

A nice little advertisement short animation with so much love for trucks!

Animación psicodélica de Rinat Gazizov (1992)

A surreal Russian animation from the Pilot studio in 1992. Never fails to provoke thought from this series of imaginative articulations.

Vernon James Manlapaz

Check out Vernon James Manlapaz for some very interesting matchmove VFX short clips!

To Venner / Two Friends (2010)

A student short film from National Film School of Denmark. Beautifully crafted backgrounds and cinematography.

A Girl who became ugly after studying abroad in Canada (2014)

A hilariously absurd Japanese take on studying in Canada!
Watch the subtitled version here.

The Starry Night (2017) trailer

A simple yet lovely 2D animation from South Korea about the love between the owner and his dog.