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看瞴 Kua Bo
Animated Short Film
11min 14sec
Director: Ang Qing Sheng
Producer: Jamin Wu
Production: IMDA & LASALLE College of the Arts

In the Chinese dialect of Hokkien, “Kua Bo” stands for “cannot see”. Affected by cataract, 60-year-old Tat Chuan has problems with his vision which he refuses to admit or treat. It is only after a huge blunder of seeing the lottery results wrongly that he willingly – but timidly – attends a cataract surgery.

折纸阿婆 The Fold of Fulfilment
Animated Short Film
03min 00sec
Director: Ang Qing Sheng
Production: LASALLE College of the Arts
Voice: Lily Kua
Animation: Brian Hong Jaehyung, Tan Liqing Vivien

A grandma finds inner fulfilment when her granddaughter begins to like her paper folding hobby.

掉不见 Lak Boh Ki
Animated Short Film
07min 38sec
Director: Ang Qing Sheng
Production: LASALLE College of the Arts
Voice: Tan Sheng Zhe, Jennifer Jeow, Jimmy Quan
Design: Marie Toh, Samantha Seah
Assets: Huang Jing Yu, Lewis Sang, Jeremiah Hosana, Sim Jian Hao
Animation: Nadia Santoso, Clara Patricia

Lak Boh Ki is a Hainanese term for “Drop Nowhere”. A one-and-a-half year old baby who dropped his plush Merlion toy onto the ledge outside of his HDB apartment window tries to get it back, and in the palm-sweating process reveals the contemporary Singaporean landscape made up of foreigners.

5 Shades of Solitude
Animated Short Film
09min 03sec
Director: Ang Qing Sheng
Adapted from 5 Colours of Melancholia and Silence by Chow Teck Seng
Producers: Eternality Tan, David Lee Fu Nang
Production: The Filmic Eye, LASALLE College of the Arts
Design: Tan Jing Hua
Animation: Jamin Wu, Nani Nurani
Music and Sound: Moon Chew
Narration: Jimmy Quan

A man experiences five different shades of solitude – depression, yearning, denial, divergence and boredom – at different times of the day, while he is struck by a fading memory of a girl that occupied his heart.

Affinity: Our Song
Animated Music Video
03min 49sec
Director: Ang Qing Sheng
Production: Nanyang Technological University
Characters: Vivien Chua
Cast: Zu Orzu, Wei Kit
Music Composition: Joy Woong
Music Arrangement: Moon Chew
Music Mix: Crystal Wang
Vocals: Moon Chew, Joel Chua
Lyrics (Chinese): Joanne Jeow
Lyrics (English): Joy Woong, Ang Qing Sheng

The music video features a story of a person who waits and the person whom he is waiting for, and whether affinity can bring these two people back together again.

Affinity: A Prelude
Animated Experimental Short
01min 25sec
Director: Ang Qing Sheng
Production: Nanyang Technological University
Music: Moon Chew

Life is full of transformations. Since birth, man undergo changes, replicate, assume different persona and pursue love. But obstacles are omnipresent.
Ultimately, one needs to believe in affinity and overcome these obstacles. The piece presents an open ending that the viewer needs to fill in with his or her life experience.
人生轉化無常. 自從出世, 我們經歷無數改變與複製, 擔當各種人物角色, 追求幸福. 但障礙重重.
最終相信緣分, 必能聚集力量, 達成目標. 作品以開放式結局激勵觀眾以自己的身世意願來完結.


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