Manivald (2017) trailer

If you remember the short film called Life with Herman H. Rott, you have to recognize this visual style!



A story told through a representation of the cyberspace, questioning reality in the digital world.

大护法之黑花生 Dahufa (2016) trailer

A new Chinese animated feature. Some intense animated violence on very simple character designs, I wonder if this one has good storytelling?

小倩 A Chinese Ghost Story (1997)

I found an important piece of 2D animated feature that has deeply influenced me when I was a child. I still remember watching a chinese-dubbed version on television, and ever since I developed an urge to make animated movies in Chinese. Memorable!

LINK (2017) trailer

Looks like a very simple premise of 2 characters stuck together, in an appealing flat style.

Life Cycles (2016) trailer

A first-person 2D animated short film confronting political issues.

Four Faces of the Moon (2016)

A strongly treated stop-motion piece with deep socio-political feelings about a historical moment. The slow and uneasy pace translates the sentiments of (in)humanity well.