TRUCKIN’ (2017)

A nice little advertisement short animation with so much love for trucks!


2017: A retrospective

In 2016, I wrote this in my retrospective post:

For 2017, my main focus is to complete my MA as best as possible.

And… it is fulfilled! MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice awarded by LASALLE x Goldsmiths. Very happy to have achieved results after putting an extremely high amount of effort on it. The defining attribute of my work is none other than risk-taking. I thank my teachers and classmates for the unique learning experience!

Also some of the highlights this year was winning the Gold Award at Digicon6 Singapore to have a great trip in Tokyo (including a hike at Mitsutoge), getting a promotion to full lecturer and presenting at Italy (including a helicopter rescue at Vette Feltrine). Till today I have not spent a single cent on airfare, and I wonder if it really is possible to travel the world with that record. A lot of these are thanks to the people around me making it possible – my colleagues and wonderful boss-mentor and the team behind my film.

Another achievement is getting gold in IPPT for the first time in my life, and twice in the year, due to an age re-categorization.

For 2018, I am back full-throttle on creation – animated films and artworks. Hoping to make, express and articulate in new and better ways. And perhaps another mountain may call upon me to ascend it…

To a better year ahead!

Lak Boh Ki (2016)

Here is the online premiere of Lak Boh Ki, also known as Drop Nowhere! The world’s first Hainanese animated short film produced and directed by yours truly with the support of LASALLE College of the Arts.

Lak Boh Ki is a Hainanese term for “Drop Nowhere”. A one-and-a-half year old baby who dropped his plush Merlion toy onto the ledge outside of his HDB apartment window tries to get it back, and in the palm-sweating process reveals the contemporary Singaporean landscape made up of foreigners.

The film has traveled several festivals including Singapore Chinese Film Festival, DOK Leipzig, Sommets du cinéma d’animation, Nagoya Digital Arts Festival and Digicon6 ASIA, and some more.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Animación psicodélica de Rinat Gazizov (1992)

A surreal Russian animation from the Pilot studio in 1992. Never fails to provoke thought from this series of imaginative articulations.

Vernon James Manlapaz

Check out Vernon James Manlapaz for some very interesting matchmove VFX short clips!

To Venner / Two Friends (2010)

A student short film from National Film School of Denmark. Beautifully crafted backgrounds and cinematography.

A Girl who became ugly after studying abroad in Canada (2014)

A hilariously absurd Japanese take on studying in Canada!
Watch the subtitled version here.