Award-winning studio that specializes in telling Asian stories through Animation


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – Crimson and Winter (2022)

Absolutely stunning animation of a fight sequence to tease a new season of an anime series! Love the pencil lines and painterly strokes that augments the movement and choreography of the encounter.

Per Aspera Ad Astra (2019)

Through a steampunk world of chickens, we find out more about humanity.

Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation (2022) trailer

The trailer is teasing lots of live-action blending with anime, looks very amazing!

Borisfen Demo Studio (2009)

This is the demo reel from a Ukrainian animation studio. Definitely praying for the end of war for more animation to blossom in that country!

Milky Highway (2022)

A very interesting 3D music video from Japan! I like how it contextualises the music in a fantasy world.