Egg By The Ocean (2018)

Pigeon(-heads) with smart devices obsession in a (post-)digital world is what makes up the other Singaporean animated short film from the Temasek 20/20 project! Perhaps we may one day find our egg too…


Automatonomy (2018)

Another Singaporean animated short film! Very high production quality in this stop-motion set in futuristic dystopian Singapore and pays tribute to several classics (spot them!).

Penguin Highway (2018) trailer

Studio Colorido’s first anime feature film, very worth checking out!

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018) trailer

Entertainment from none other than Walt Disney Animation Studios, with a whole lot more references to the internet!

The Bald Future (2017)

The concept of baldness goes into a deep existential discourse!

LASALLE Animation Showreel 2018

From the place I work in, comes the next wave of animation talents…

The Ricochet Splendid (2018)

A non-commercial Japanese-illustration style animation opener, dynamic and interesting!