Afternoon Class (2015)

Very close depiction of the experience of an afternoon class… trying to fight the sleepiness! Very impressive animation and colours.

Parque Pesadelo (2015)

A cutout-style animation from Brazil involving otherworldly creatures in a folktale…

The Wolf (2017)

An ultra-dynamic animated music video by Rudo Company!

It’s About Sea Monkeys (2017)

A fun-looking CalArts animated short with strange sea monkey characters.

Kingpin (2017)

A Korean animated short film CalArts that depicts Chibi characters and fight scenes in the anime style.

Family Spirit (2017)

A final-year film at CalArts. Really good use of the medium to tell a story like this one!

The Remedy 健憶舒心茶 (2017)

Another CalArts first-year film. This one has a Hong Kong nostalgic flavour and expressive qualities which I’m really impressed with!