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A short 2D animation with a smooth morph!


The Glassworker (2016) concept trailer

A very dedicated team of artist in a small studio in Pakistan is bringing us a Ghibli-like animated feature film. Looking forward to it!

Hydrophytes – 4D Printing (2018)

Looks amazing… and definitely something from the future…

CUBED (2017)

Simple on the surface, deep in the meaning. A very well executed idea in this short animated by from Xue Enge from NTU ADM Singapore!

SELVA (2018)

Amazing visual quality seen in this test shot by Arthas Pilorget and Johan Ravit for STZAP#9 (series of interesting animation in episodes).

Best Friend (2018)

From Gobelins comes a story about virtual friends, which questions the reality of the so-called virtual friendships. Excellent craft!

Future Thoughts (2018)

Animated films that try to depict the future may often be complex-looking, but this animated film captures some of the ideas in a simple and beautiful way.