Posts tagged “animation

Red Pill – Stars (2017)

A music video in the cutout style about the misfortunes of a freelance lifestyle.

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop (2017)

Very sleek action animation from Blender Animation Studio! Check out Blender if you haven’t, it’s an opensource 3D software free for download.

A Sun Came (2017)

Quite a polished student piece made at SVA. Wished the narration was recorded clearer!

The Story of Animation (2012)

Looks like an animation about animation well suited for those outside of the industry who are thinking of getting an animation made for a product or cause!

Why did the water balloon cross the road? (2017)

A very short animation on live-action video by Studio Uku!

Yoh Yoshinari

Sit back and enjoy some fluidly drawn animation by Yoh Yohshinari for Gurren Lagann!

Before&After (2015)

A Korean animation about losing weight in a pencil-drawn style.