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Pipine (2023)

A very fun and imaginative animation project that uses famous paintings as backgrounds of animated characters in the scene.

Deep Sea (2023) Behind the Scenes

This video shows how strong China’s CG team is right now! They even suffered a water leak in the studio and still managed to complete the film in its highest quality. Deep Sea will be showing at Annecy this year, can’t wait to catch it!

Welsh & Shedar pilot (2013)

This pilot 2D animation from 10 years ago still looks promising!

JRA Commercial (2023)

There is a very fine pencil-drawn quality to this anime TVC from Japan.

Esther (2022) trailer

A very strong 2D animation visual design from Argentina!

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) trailer

The next spider-verse movie, whose visual style impressed many audiences, is coming soon!

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse (2022) trailer

Looks like an amazing 2D animated feature film with a lovely visual style!

Synthetic Summer (2023)

A hilarious AI-generated TVC to show what you get if you hired pure AI for your products!

Playground (2023) trailer

A horror animated mini series! Definitely bringing nightmares to your kids!

FF2 (2021)

A very interesting experimental animation short with surrealistic elements.

Hero ft. Martin Garrix & JVKE (2023)

A very polished animated music video by The Line Animation Studios for Marvel Snap.

Little Annoyances GIF

GIF of the day.


House Foods (2003)

The amazing Miyazaki-directed TVCs from 20 years ago!

SCP-001: When Day Breaks AMV (2023)

This music video is designed and animated by one rising star animator in Singapore, known as CCthecatcosmia!


This animated short film from Adult Swim is crazy and whacky – what did I just watch!

Flesh of God (2022) trailer

Fantastic trailer of a short animated 2D film, hyping us up for some thrilling horror!

To be Hero X (2022)

A Chinese animation showing mastery in the use of both 2D and 3D animation, switching from one medium to the other during the fight scenes to show the best of both!

Whale automata

This gif shows an automata in action to create a beautiful whale animation!

Mehdi Aouichaoui animation

Here’s a breakdown of an amazing animation shot showing the blocking and finishing effects!

VCRWORKS Coloso trailer (2022)

Korean animation studio VCRworks created an amazing 2D trailer for their online course!

Jacques – Rien. (2022)

Once in a while we get to see very interesting and experimental music videos like this one, which uses rotoscope in a very unconventional way to depict movement.

Train GIF

Gif of the day.

Thaba Ye (2022)

A student short film from Gobelins that deals with the theme of death. It begins and ends with 2D animation, while the rest is a well-designed 3D piece.

Search for the Human (2022)

A very interesting premise here where an animal search for the existence of humans, and set off on an epic journey. A Gobelins student short film!