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Generic Riot!! (2022)

A graphically stylised anime music video that uses CG in an awesome way to create it’s unique visual style.

WIT Studio CGI process

I love watching the process of how some dynamic 2D animation scenes are supported by 3D camera, and this link shows one of them!

Dios “Darkroom” (2022)

More awesome fluid morphing animation by Masanobu for an animated music video!

A family that steals dogs (2020)

An interesting animated documentary about grief.

Flow (2024) teaser

Very interesting premise for this animated teaser for a feature film – a group of animals survive on a boat.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT – Crimson and Winter (2022)

Absolutely stunning animation of a fight sequence to tease a new season of an anime series! Love the pencil lines and painterly strokes that augments the movement and choreography of the encounter.

Per Aspera Ad Astra (2019)

Through a steampunk world of chickens, we find out more about humanity.

Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation (2022) trailer

The trailer is teasing lots of live-action blending with anime, looks very amazing!

Borisfen Demo Studio (2009)

This is the demo reel from a Ukrainian animation studio. Definitely praying for the end of war for more animation to blossom in that country!

Milky Highway (2022)

A very interesting 3D music video from Japan! I like how it contextualises the music in a fantasy world.

Deep Sea (2022) trailer 2

More scenes from this Chinese CG animated feature. The CG quality simply surpasses the West in my opinion.

Suntory “Horoyoi” (2022)

Visually appealing animated illustration for a beverage ad!

Ties (2019)

What an amazing choice of technique / visual style to tell the story and concept! The animators used 3D-printed ink!

Exodus ’04 (2005)

Love the character design and animation in this old work from Studio 4°C!

POSB Hunt Your Zodiac (2022)

POSB has commissioned an animation studio for their game campaign during the Chinese New Year season, and there are quite a number of delightful characters here! I wonder which studio created this…

THE CUPHEAD SHOW! (2022) trailer

It’s rare but this is an animation series that originated from a successful game that paid homage to the old school cartoon style!

Pear Cider and Cigarettes (2022)

A really amazing visual style, looking just like the high-contrast comics.

Deep Sea (深海) 2022 Trailer

The latest CG feature film from China is really pushing the hyperrealism boundaries! Hair, fluid, skin, cloth… surpassing the West already – but let’s see if the storytelling is equally strong.

The Battle of San Romano (2017)

An animated painting of epic movements, depicted by acrylic on cell!

Vigour (2011)

It’s still the year of the tiger, so let’s appreciate this amazing animation from Sheridan of a tiger!

Hilda and the Mountain King (2021) Trailer

Based on a popular graphic novel, this animation feature is on Netflix!

The House (2021) trailer

This stop-motion film looks very promising! Love the characters and cinematography here.

Le Collège Noir (2022) trailer

A pilot for an animation series. Children running from monsters!

The Imaginary (2022) teaser

Studio Ponoc (former studio ghibli artists) makes amazing visuals! But no high hopes for the narrative yet…