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Fendi Spring Tropical Charms (2018)

Tropical vibe in this stop-motion TVC for bags!


Bath House (2017)

Absolutely stunning work on the sets in this stop-motion animation! The swimming scenes are exceptional, and the textures on the walls already present their own story!

Alex’s Sci-Fi World (2018)

A VR-created animation of a particular sci-fi space-time… expecting to see more of such works besides the popular ones by Goro Fujita!

Thriller Dance (2018)

Animation created in VR is getting more and more popular as a technique. Will it be the future of animation production?

Unicorn Wars (2017) trailer

Cute characters meets serious issues…

Say No To Piracy (2018)

Many are guilty of watching pirated movies, but let us contribute back to the industry and pay for the content when we are able to! Animated by Robot Media Playground from Singapore!

Only Slightly Exaggerated (2018)

An animated commercial for Travel Oregon shows how animation can present the beauty of places beyond that of live-action footage!