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TRIGGER – The Anime Studio (2022)

Click the link to watch the documentary of Studio Trigger and learn about how the talented animators create jaw-dropping anime from the Japanese studio! Only available till Oct 2023.

Lupin III x McDonald’s (2022)

It is always a nice thing to use anime to market your product!

Niji-Iro Hotaru / Rainbow Fireflies (2011) Teaser

Looks like I missed out this anime feature film from 2011, got to find a way to watch it!

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama 4K remaster (2022) trailer

A 4K remaster of the epic anime series, which reminds us of the insane amount of work the old-school animators have done!

CHOSEN (2022) Proof of Concept

A dynamic fight sequence that is very polished. Hoping to see this fantasy alien world anime in production!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

Studio Colorido’s next anime feature! Definitely looking forward to catch this one.

Everything Goes On (2022)

Super high quality anime music video from League of Legends!

Suzume no Tojimari (2022) trailer 2

When would the international release of Makoto Shinkai’s next work be? Can’t wait!


When you grow up watching your favourite anime and decides to become a really good animator… this is what Naseer Pasha did – an epic fan-made film!

TRIGUN STAMPEDE (2023) trailer

Toho animation releases a high quality anime series with 3D anime characters and dynamic fight scenes!

Mononoke (2023) trailer

An anime series that looks raw, authentic and exciting, a blend between the traditional and the modern, very Japanese!

Samurai Mac (2022)

Fist of the North Star illustrator Tetsuo Hara drew this amazingly detailed anime ad for Macdonald’s burger!

Tatami Time Machine Blues (2022) teaser

This anime has the vibe of Night is Short – very simplified character yet very effective animation that is occasionally over the top!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

A group of kids encountering an extraordinary phenomenon in a haunted house. Studio Colorido’s third feature anime!

Anime food in Weathering With You

Thanks for making me hungry despite this being just an anime!

Generic Riot!! (2022)

A graphically stylised anime music video that uses CG in an awesome way to create it’s unique visual style.

WIT Studio CGI process

I love watching the process of how some dynamic 2D animation scenes are supported by 3D camera, and this link shows one of them!

Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation (2022) trailer

The trailer is teasing lots of live-action blending with anime, looks very amazing!

IAB Studio x YONEX (2021)

Extremely polished dynamic TVC for Yonex, animated by a Korean studio!


The Heike Story (2021) trailer

Visually beautiful anime series from Science Saru studio!

Sing a Bit of Harmony (2021) trailer

Though cliche, this story about an AI transfer student looks like it might touch on the emotions.

Goodbye: DonGlees (2021) trailer

A Madhouse productions Anime feature film that looks like a fun boys adventure in Iceland!

The House of the Lost on the Cape (2021) trailer

Hoping to catch this Anime film at Annecy! Looks like a warm and lovely story about intergenerational family relationships.

Star Wars: Visions (2021) trailer

Anime star wars! What a feast of visual styles!