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The Little Duck (2018)

A hard-sell cuteness animation from Disney to melt the hearts of audiences today.


Inner Workings (2016) trailer

Everybody gets excited at a Disney short film. The visual quality looks great, but the idea certainly isn’t the most original. Very nice film to have at the start of movies though.

Do You Want To Build a Snowman

Excellent example of good animation that really focuses a lot on nice lines of action, arcs, strong poses animated to camera, strong rhythm and timings and great acting!

Walt Disney Tech Papers

Check out CGMeetup’s post on Walt Disney Animation Studios – Technology Papers Videos. They have built quite some proprietary tools to help their artist do the work better 🙂

I find some really cool, like getting the bow-knot cloth simulation to work well:

Walt Disney – Melody (1953)

Good old Disney shorts! There is an amazing part of a life of a person which really stays in my mind in this one.

Gotta love it!

Secret Lives of Walt Disney

Want to know more about this important man in the history of animation? Watch the documentary called “Secret Lives of Walt Disney”! There are bits about his personal life, his dark side, and of course, his career.

Alice’s Wonderland – Disney

In 1923 Walt disney and his animators already did compositing of live action on drawn backgrounds. Enjoy this short film! Never fails to entertain.