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The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse (2022) trailer

Looks like an amazing 2D animated feature film with a lovely visual style!

Ernest and Celestine 2: A Trip to Gibberitia (2023) trailer

The sequel of the amazing watercolour style animation!

The Storm 大雨 (2023) trailer

From the director of Da Hu Fa comes the next Chinese animated feature film in a similar style!

My Father’s Dragon (2022) trailer

Cartoon Saloon’s next feature film! They are well known for their beautiful and illustrative designs.

Niji-Iro Hotaru / Rainbow Fireflies (2011) Teaser

Looks like I missed out this anime feature film from 2011, got to find a way to watch it!


A stop-motion feature film of the classic story, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, and the Golden Globe award winner of the best animated feature!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

Studio Colorido’s next anime feature! Definitely looking forward to catch this one.

Suzume no Tojimari (2022) trailer 2

When would the international release of Makoto Shinkai’s next work be? Can’t wait!

Circle Line (2023) trailer

A Singaporean monster movie coming in 2023!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

A group of kids encountering an extraordinary phenomenon in a haunted house. Studio Colorido’s third feature anime!

Summer Ghost (2022) trailer

This is the last Anime feature film to premiere at Annecy. It has the early Shinkai vibe, directed by an illustrator called loundraw.

Flee (2021) trailer

Flee recalls a painful story and beautifully utilizes the fluidity of animation in some of the abstract scenes.

Esluna: The Crown of Babylon (2021) trailer

Created solo by Denver Jackson, here is a dynamic action 2D animated feature film! Insane to think that this can be produced by one person!

PERLIMPS (2022) trailer

A celebrative palette presenting the pastel colours from this Brazilian director who worked on the iconic “Boy and the World”! Love the textures and portrayal of the tropics!

The Yin Yang Master (2021) trailer

Even though a completely predictable plot, Chinese stories are still better made by Chinese than Hollywood! Those are very impressive CG and VFX, and the production design is top-quality.

Funan (2018) trailer

French director Denis Do tells the story of his mother, set in the Khmer Rouge era of Cambodia. Looking forward to this in Singapore (hint: Denis Do is coming for the French Film Festival)!

大护法之黑花生 Dahufa (2016) trailer

A new Chinese animated feature. Some intense animated violence on very simple character designs, I wonder if this one has good storytelling?

小倩 A Chinese Ghost Story (1997)

I found an important piece of 2D animated feature that has deeply influenced me when I was a child. I still remember watching a chinese-dubbed version on television, and ever since I developed an urge to make animated movies in Chinese. Memorable!

Revengeance (2015) trailer

Another of Bill Plympton’s iconic style, absolutely on my to-watch list!

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie (2015) trailer

All the hype about the live-action remake, but I would still prefer anime any day…

In This Corner of the World Official (2016) trailer

Following Grave of the Fireflies, this anime feature film is going to be another touching piece that cannot be missed!

The Red Turtle (2016) trailer

An animated feature not to be missed! A French-Belgium-Japanese collaboration featuring Studio Ghibli!

Boy and the World (2015) trailer

Beautiful children’s drawing style in an animated feature film! You can catch it at Animation Nation on 13 Oct, 8pm at The Projector, Singapore.

Window Horses (2016) trailer

An animated feature from NFBC. Although simple in visual style, designs look amazing! The story seems intriguing as well, as it covers something sociopolitical.