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Hogwarts Legacy (2020) trailer

Open world Hogwarts game? Take my money!

Black Myth: Wukong (2020) gameplay trailer

We have seen many stunning realistic CGI games from the West, but this Eastern-inspired game of the most popular Chinese folktale – The Monkey King – is making waves of excitement across the world. Same as recent successes in Chinese animated feature films, this game is set to be a popular title soon.


Chinatown Detective Agency (2019) trailer

Singapore game company General Interactive Co. is making a very intriguing game, hope to see it on Steam in the near future!

Unreal Engine 5 Feature Highlights (2020)

Every breakthrough in gaming technology makes gamers go “wow”, and here we see that in future, games may just look like you are controlling a real person in a real world. Imagine how it will affect other fields and industries that requires visualization given such power?

Songbird Symphony (2019) Trailer

Songbird Symphony is a game created by Singapore-based Joysteak Studios! Extremely proud to see a very polished game released on the international platform!

MY FRIEND PEDRO (2019) Trailer

What dynamic trailer for a game!

Hoa (new gameplay)

New gameplay video from the Ghibli inspired indie game, Hoa. Definitely going to take some of your souls with it!


Stop-motion styled games have their own beauty, and here we see an exclusive reel of the animator!

GRIS (2018) trailer

Another game with an amazing graphic visual style!

Young Souls – Announcement Trailer (2018)

A 2.5d game with some dynamic cinematic sequences.

The Game That Never Was (2018) trailer

A beautiful game in full 3D and illustrative effects and backgrounds. Mesmerizing as expected of Giant Ant!

Sable (2018) trailer

Moebius colours in this game trailer!

Beyond Good and Evil 2 (2018) trailer

Tip top quality CG animated trailer for the game!

Cyberpunk 2077 (2018) trailer

An exciting CG trailer for an up-and-coming game.

DEATH STRANDING (2017) trailer

Metal Gear Solid creator Kojima brings us his next game production, and the trailer is already showing content of epic proportions, with a touch of surrealism and darkness. Amazing concept (Y)

HyperUniverse PV

Dynamic and impressive animated sequence for a Korean game, especially the 2D effects.