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JRA Commercial (2023)

There is a very fine pencil-drawn quality to this anime TVC from Japan.

House Foods (2003)

The amazing Miyazaki-directed TVCs from 20 years ago!


Niji-Iro Hotaru / Rainbow Fireflies (2011) Teaser

Looks like I missed out this anime feature film from 2011, got to find a way to watch it!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

Studio Colorido’s next anime feature! Definitely looking forward to catch this one.

Suzume no Tojimari (2022) trailer 2

When would the international release of Makoto Shinkai’s next work be? Can’t wait!

TRIGUN STAMPEDE (2023) trailer

Toho animation releases a high quality anime series with 3D anime characters and dynamic fight scenes!

Mononoke (2023) trailer

An anime series that looks raw, authentic and exciting, a blend between the traditional and the modern, very Japanese!

Samurai Mac (2022)

Fist of the North Star illustrator Tetsuo Hara drew this amazingly detailed anime ad for Macdonald’s burger!

Tatami Time Machine Blues (2022) teaser

This anime has the vibe of Night is Short – very simplified character yet very effective animation that is occasionally over the top!


A very blink Japanese game trailer with lots of chromatic aberration visual style!

Drifting Home (2022) trailer

A group of kids encountering an extraordinary phenomenon in a haunted house. Studio Colorido’s third feature anime!

Anime food in Weathering With You

Thanks for making me hungry despite this being just an anime!

Generic Riot!! (2022)

A graphically stylised anime music video that uses CG in an awesome way to create it’s unique visual style.

The Heike Story (2021) trailer

Visually beautiful anime series from Science Saru studio!

Summer Ghost (2022) trailer

This is the last Anime feature film to premiere at Annecy. It has the early Shinkai vibe, directed by an illustrator called loundraw.

Sing a Bit of Harmony (2021) trailer

Though cliche, this story about an AI transfer student looks like it might touch on the emotions.

DOZENS OF NORTHS (2021) trailer

Looks like a very special indie animated feature film made with pencil by Koji Yamamura.

Goodbye: DonGlees (2021) trailer

A Madhouse productions Anime feature film that looks like a fun boys adventure in Iceland!

Suzume no Tojimari (2022)

Makoto Shinkai’s visual aesthetic never fails to mesmerize! This is the next Comix Wave feature film, can’t wait!

Yume Miru Nettaiya (2020)

Highly experimental and graphic visual style in this 2D animated music video from Japan!

Cuushe – Magic (2020)

A very appealing music video that combines live action footage with drawn 2D animation.

Boukentai – Mori no Yuusha (2020)

A Japanese music video with such an appealing visual style and animation!

Shikioriori (2018) trailer

New anime feature that involves a co-production with CoMix Wave Films (Makoto Shinkai)!

A Girl who became ugly after studying abroad in Canada (2014)

A hilariously absurd Japanese take on studying in Canada!
Watch the subtitled version here.