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The Art Scene: Animation in Singapore

Curious to know the animation scene in Singapore? Here’s a layman-friendly documentary to introduce animation as an art form in Singapore!

Circle Line (2023) trailer

A Singaporean monster movie coming in 2023!

NYFA 2022 Animation Nominations!

Happy Birthday Singapore! Today we celebrate the diversity of animation in Singapore and congratulate these young filmmakers for their nominations at the National Youth Film Awards!

Fantastic Fables: The Southern Seas (2021)

Viddsee has brought us something quite interesting – a 4-episode futuristic retelling of the stories of islands in the southern seas. It features Singlish and uses the cheaper technique of 2D spine animation (which felt a little weird), but has very well-drawn frames and fresh narratives.


Puberteens Opening sequence (2022)

A Singapore-made Sunday morning cartoon with a whacky take on puberty, by Finding Pictures!

Chronos (2021) trailer

Remember “The Tiger of 142B”? Now we get to watch a full Singaporean animated series created by The Zhuang Brothers!

Sharkdog (2021) trailer

A Singaporean production, now on Netflix Junior!

Time Travel Illustration by Lee Xin Li

Superb and magnificent illustration of Singapore, and it is even animated!

Breathing City (2021)

Here’s another animation to celebrate the National Day of Singapore, by none other than Weaving Clouds! Featuring children’s drawing style!

The Road Ahead (2021) MV

This year’s Singapore National Day theme song music video is produced by none other than our local animation studio, Finding Pictures! What a great fusion of live-action and animation to complement the heartwarming song!

Happy National Day Singapore!

Fox Tales Music Video (2020)

A music video made by Singapore animation studio Chips and Toon!

Coming Home (2021)

Click the link to watch a heartwarming 3D animation set in Singapore about the belief that insects that visit our homes could be our ancestors!

Traffic Light (2021) trailer

I am proud to present my next animated short film about a traffic light junction where the green man refuses to show up! This film can only be watched by audiences in Singapore currently, but do look out for its online release in future!

Oldman and Cat (2021)

(Click link to watch on Viddsee)
Excellent black and white visual design and storytelling in this Singaporean animated short film set in the HDB neighbourhood where a black cat roam. This is a great year for animation in Singapore!

Henchmen (2021)

How often do you watch Singapore action comedy? Check out this one mentored under the NYFA Film Facilitation Programme!

The Visit (2021)

A stop-motion animation from Singapore that reveals the repressed feelings of a character whose father is serving a prison sentence.

The Merlion Hunt: A Post Apocalyptic Mission (2021)

A Singapore animation set in the post-apocalypse and revolves around the legendary creature – Merlion! Singlish seems to have survived the times…

Daisies And Sparrows (2020)

We start off the year by watching another short film by Ervin Han, showing some of the nostalgic places in the history of Singapore along with the life journey of a character and beautiful music accompaniment.

Cartoons Underground 2020: Online Edition

Cartoons Underground 2020: Online Edition is only available till Sunday 13 Dec 2020! Catch some awesome animations, quick!

三彩船之梦 Journey (2020) trailer

A very interesting Singapore-made animation from Moon Bandit Studios! Looks like it has been to several festivals already!

How Do We Help The Homeless? Start By Asking Them What They Need (2020)

A meaningful animation from Singapore worth sharing!

Chinatown Detective Agency (2019) trailer

Singapore game company General Interactive Co. is making a very intriguing game, hope to see it on Steam in the near future!

Between Us Two (2018)

If animation could be a letter to the deceased loved one… a mixed-technique short film by Tan Wei Keong, putting his very personal experiences of same-sex marriage and memories of his deceased mother on the screen.

Ek, Doni, Teeni. (2020)

A South Indian folklore animated by Srinivas Bhakta! Very appealing style and animation!