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A stop-motion feature film of the classic story, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, and the Golden Globe award winner of the best animated feature!

Play Doh Bunnies (2007)

Happy year of the rabbit! This is a super impressive stop-motion ad for Sony TV, no CGI involved!

Mad God (2022)

A horror stop-motion film made over 30 years! Epic!

The House (2021) trailer

This stop-motion film looks very promising! Love the characters and cinematography here.

My Metal Bunny (2019)

A lovely stop-motion bunny animated with washers and small metal parts!

UTOPIA (2019)

Claymation that is just too appealing! On the Guldies stop-motion Youtube channel.

Robin Robin (2021) trailer

The magical stop-motion of Aardman in this Christmas special!

Sororelle (2019)

Papy3d brought us another masterpiece in stop-motion! A story that seemingly resonates with the rising sea levels and decaying world, and the subtle inner conflicts within three compelling sister characters.

Précieux (2020) trailer

This is looking like an awesome stop-motion animated short film!

Naked (2020) trailer

An extremely intriguing stop-motion film with very moody lighting and textures, giving it an attractive visual style.

The Coin (2019)

Even though Siqi’s film “Sister” is still the best, her new stop motion short film continues to play with the scale of the character in a story of childhood food item reminiscence.

Beyond Noh (2020) excerpt

Patrick Smith made a stunning piece of animation by photographing thousands of masks. A deeply reflective piece of our changing culture.

BENCH (2020)

A really simple and effective claymation with a twist ending!

Little Hilly (2020)

An amazing stop-motion animation from Taiwan featuring a character ostracized by her peers and affected by a broken family. The character design is awesome and imaginative!

Nobody is Normal (2020)

A stop-motion animated commercial with a great message for all!

Claycat’s Doom

Stop motion adaptation of the popular first-person shooter, Doom! I feel for the clay!

The Visit (2021)

A stop-motion animation from Singapore that reveals the repressed feelings of a character whose father is serving a prison sentence.

Patagraph stop motion

The amazing stop motion this guy create is just mind-blowing!

Mémorable (2019)

A strong piece of stop-motion animation depicting the loss of memory at an old age and the emotions surrounding the situation.

妹妹 SISTER (2019)

This short film from China is probably one of the most powerful animated short films I have seen ever. The ending is so well executed and impactful.

The Bird and The Whale (2018)

This beautiful animation is created by painting every frame traditionally. Amazing amount of work! It certainly brings back some of that Fantasia vibe with the choice of music.

THE KITE (2017) teaser

The soft and fluffy materials make this stop motion animation really appealing!

Facing It (2018)

What an amazing mixed media stop-motion piece, even mixing in some pixilation of real people! Extremely appropriate use of clay for the sweating character!

Raymonde or the vertical escape (2018)

A stop-motion animation from Papy3D!