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Animated Objects (2017)

Having fun with stop-motion means having fun with daily objects and weird imagination!


A wonderful participation by 50 animators around the world for stop-motion!

Hi Stranger (2016)

That moment when a piece of clay starts to feel too real…

Louis & Luca – The Big Cheese Race (2015) trailer

Awesome looking comedy stop-motion feature film about a race. Definitely lots of laughs just by the quirky characters!


A very innovative idea using stop-motion. The shape of the bulb decides its access rights to places and also its fitting place, which echoes societal imposed rules and function of individuals.

The Bigger Picture (2014)

A breakthrough in stop-motion, with a well-told story. Very deserving Oscar-nominated short film now online!

WE EAT SHIT (2017)

Literally! Love this 1920’s kind of stop-motion by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski from NFBC!