Posts tagged “stop-motion

A Long Dream (2017) MV

A stop-motion cutout animated music video, with a lot of cutouts moving at the same time, making it look free and wild!


Deer Flower (2016)

A mixed-media stop-motion with beautifully decorated surfaces, compositing and some authentic period music from the olden Korean days. Great inspiration from a childhood story and well translated from life!

WoodSwimmer (2017)

A stop-motion short film made entirely out of wood, emanating an immense dimension of materiality.

TOKRI (The Basket) (2017) excerpt

This is the Digicon6 Asia Special Jury Gold award winner from India! Amazing details that capture contemporary India, mixed with masterful storytelling.

THEFULLSTORY (2017) trailer

Academy-nominated director Daisy Jacobs is back with a live-action plus stop-motion fusion, pushing the limits of both medium!

The Burden (Min Börda) (2017) trailer

A very interesting stop-motion piece with amazing sets!

Negative Space (2017) trailer

Very cinematic and well-animated stop-motion short film. There is the sense of life in this one.